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If you are looking to hire a photographer it’s not everything just about the price. Especially in wedding photography it is very important that you are in love with the (photographic) style of the photographer and that his personality fits yours. As the saying goes for a wedding photographer it is more important to be personable, than professional. Even if I think professionalism is very important if a photographer wants to be successful, his personality is the key.

Besides style and personality the price is the third important part. To be able to compare the different offers you get when looking for a wedding photographer, you have to see what is included in the price. You don’t pay a photographer primarily for the hours he is working. You pay him for his experience, his vision and the (professional) services he delivers. And especially post production is an important part of it. Low-priced “Shoot-to-Burn” photographers (they shoot the wedding and burn the images from the camera/card directly to a CD/DVD without and post processing) can only work for such a low price, because they don’t deliver any service.

A vital part of a professional service is also that the photographer has a backup plan. Ask for it! What if his camera breaks down in the middle of the ceremony or the whole photo equipment is stolen? How can he handle these situations? Do you really want to rely on your most important day on a photographer that has no answers for these questions? Just because you save some money? Then you can save even more money if you ask a family member to take the photographs…

Anyway, the final product of wedding photography is a wedding album. Not some images on a CD you can watch on your computer. An exclusive album with leather cover you can take in your hands, watch it and remember the emotions and feelings of this wonderful day. “Shoot-to-Burn” photographers don’t do wedding albums. And I never saw a bridal couple that did it themselves. Even if they were telling the photographer that they will do the album on their own. It will never happen… That’s just the experience.

So, the bottom line is, that it doesn’t make too much sense to spend money on a good photographer and not order a wedding album. But that’s the bridal couple’s decision. I don’t push anybody to order an album. I just give them something to think about and find their own decision.

Here just a simple example of a picture without and with post production, a before & after comparison:

Daniel Zihlmann Photography - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Schweiz

Daniel Zihlmann Photography - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Schweiz

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