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Recently I updated my iPhone to the new software 2.0. Although it’s still the old iPhone (hardware), it can do now what the new version can do. Except that it doesn’t have GPS of course and still is 2G and not 3G. But that doesn’t matter for me, I always use wifi to surf the web anyway. That’s hispeed and even for free! And now that everybody is raving about the new iPhone I like my old version even more. It’s a bit old faishoned and outdated. And that makes it waaay cooler ;) Or boring for other people. “Oh, that’s the old one…” I like that. Because I never bought it to be cool. I bought the iphone because I thought it’s a great business tool. And I still love it for that. I mainly use it as a PDA and for watching my video podcasts. It was worth every penny.

Imagine that in Switzerland more and more cities provide free wifi internet access. I mean they cover the whole city! Not just McDonalds and Starbucks :) Like the capital Bern where I’m based. Or Lucerne where I have been today location scouting for an upcoming wedding.

The best thing the new iPhone software 2.0 has to offer, is the appstore to install additional software. Try my favorites: MyStreets, ZIPcodes and Fahrplan. Or the WordPress application. Now it’s not only possible to send a post to your blog via e-mail, but to fully manage also older posts on your WordPress blog through your iPhone. Write, categorize, preview and publish posts. Edit and unpublish, set the publication date and time. Add photos etc.

Really a great application to use when you are on the road and have some spare time. Like me right now, riding on a train back home to the capital :)

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Daniel Zihlmann Photography - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Schweiz

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