Gary Fong Arrived In Switzerland

Finally Gary Fong arrived in Switzerland – or at least his famous flash diffusors. I just don’t know why in this Swiss camera store they sell the quite a bit aged Lightspere and not his newest and more sophisticated model Whaletail. And what irritates me a bit is that in the comparison photo in the window the girl smiles more if the picture is taken without Gary Fong’s flash diffusor…

Actually it was this “little piece of plastic” (patent pending) that brought me into wedding photography. Some years ago I wanted to improve my flash photography and surfed the web for some research. Quite fast Gary Fong’s name popped up and I started to read his blog. It turned out that he was in the wedding photography business for a lifetime and his name was very well known in the industry. Or to say he was famous.

So I bought my first Lightsphere directly from Gary in Canada through his e-store. I followed his blog that led me to other well known wedding photographers in the US and worldwide. With the time all pieces came together like in a puzzle. I was addicted to wedding photography and decided to specialize in photographing happy people. As Gary explained once why he loves to be into wedding photography.

Thanks Gary, to show me the way and welcome to Switzerland!

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