Andrea & Gerhard

It’s great to be a wedding photojournalist. You always meet the nicest people and share a wonderful and very special day with them. My work is to capture all these emotions and happy moments. What a blessing if you can call that your “work”. It’s my passion. And as a side note, you can party all the weekends. For free ;)

My clients are honestly always the most special persons. I enjoy to spend their wedding day with them and their family. Even if I don’t know anyone at the beginning of the day, I always feel home and part of the family when I leave early in the morning after a long, long day.

It’s also great to see that my clients like to share too! Read the story of Andrea & Gerhard on their own wedding website! **CLICK HERE**

I love the header with the sunflower field, just looks awesome! And the story about Gerhard proposing for Andrea is so funny! Worth to read ;)

If the bridal couples have their own wedding website, it’s also a big help for the photographer. As they can read my blog to know more about me as a person, I can also read their story, know their family etc. before I meet them. So you get more personal when you actually meet to talk about the details of the wedding and can talk just about other stuff. Like life in general. Your vision. Or your passion.

Thanks, Andrea & Gerhard, it’s great to be part of your special day!

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