Let’s Get This Party Started!

Daniel Zihlmann Photographer - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Zürich Bern Schweiz

I hope everyone spent a great time with their families and friends over Christmas and New Year. Now the new year has begun and is moving on fast to become another exciting year! After last year’s huge worldwide economic problems the future can just look brighter. However, if you’re going to get married this year it will become one of the most exciting years of your life! For the rest of your life you will look back and remember the blue sky on the wedding day, how the sunlight hit the windows of the church and let the smiling bride glow in this terrific white wedding dress, the little girl that was singing in a church that seemd to hold its breath and how the smiling couple left the church with a whoop of joy of their family and friends.

The beginning of the year is also the time of all the wedding fairs here in Switzerland. This market was exploding in the last years, culminating in 2 different wedding fairs taking place in Zurich on the same day last year. Crazy. I guess everybody is happy now that we are back to normal and this weekend everybody, the couples and the vendors, can concentrate on just one wedding fair in Zurich. I will visit it myself tomorrow, not just to see what’s going on in the industry, but mainly to meet good friends, wedding photographers, coordinators, graphic artists. A great opportunity to connect! Hope to see you there!

Hochzeitsmesse Zürich

By Hochzeitsfotograf Daniel Zihlmann

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