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It is a very special moment if a wedding photographer is invited to the wedding of a friend. Especially if your friend is a very talented wedding photographer herself and you are invited as a friend and not as a photographer. Of course I did take a camera to the wedding yesterday in Begnins and Luins in the Nyon area anyway :-) But as I was not the official photographer I was in “freestyle mode” with just one lens (Canon 50mm/1.2L), no flash and was shooting my Mark II all day long at ISO 2500 and f/1.4. A bit risky, but if you nail the focus, you get stunning images. Here’s my favorite image of the day, a fleeting moment on the dance floor.

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Congratulations Colette & Curt! You’re a wonderful couple, it was awesome to spend the day with your families and friends! Your wedding was hands down my favorite wedding ever! If I leave the wedding party at the very end and arrive back home at 5am, you know that I liked it ;-)

Check out Colette’s website here: COLETTE Photography

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