Event Fotograf Zürich | 50 Jahre F. Preisig AG

Event Fotograf Zürich

It’s Saturday night. There’s laughter in the air and the chiming noise of glasses. You can feel the happiness and the excitement of the people. Some of the guests took the opportunity to dust off their evening gowns or bow-ties. It’s time to celebrate. It’s not a celebration of two joining families. Tonight is different.

When I’m not photographing a wedding I love to capture other events for business clients. Although the 50 years anniversary of an engineering company (F. Preisig AG) is pretty different from a wedding on one hand, it is pretty similar on the other hand. It’s a gathering of people coming together and having a good time. It challenges the photographer with the same difficulties of changing light (and especially very low light), speeches, entertainment acts (Lapsus) and causes the same physical fatigue. Only the bride and groom are missing :) Here’s an image from yesterday’s assignment.

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