Share Your Power – Reloaded

Business, Personal
Wedding season is mostly over here in Switzerland and we wedding photographers settle down. We spend more time in the office editing weddings at the computer than being on the road and shooting. So it's a good time to meet friends, eat, drink, chat and exchange unbelievable stories of these awesome weddings we shot during the last months :-) This year I was traveling a lot, met incredible people and made great new friends. Now it's time to reconnect, time for "Share Your Power - Reloaded"! I think it's important to meet people from time to time in person and let them connect with each other too. Best to be done while having dinner or a drink. If you are a fellow photographer and want to share some thoughts, ideas…
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Gimme Some Juice – iPhone Power On The Road

On Location, Personal
The iPhone has become a very important tool for my business in the last few months that I use it. With every firmware it's getting better and it's running quite smooth and stable now. Still discussed are the lack of some features (like copy-paste, MMS etc.) and the performance of the built in rechargeable battery. I'm OK with the limitations that the new iPhone 3G still has. For me the advantages are way bigger than the limitations. Even if it is said that the battery performance of the iPhone is comparable or even better than of other smartphones, it is better to be prepared. If you charge your iPhone every night, the battery should last long enough for normal use. But in heavy use or on a very long day…
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Toronto Seminar

This weekend I was at the 'Craft Your Success' seminar in Toronto. Canadian photographers Michael Anderson and Davide Greene were rockin' the day. What an unforgettable experience :) Thanks for sharing, guys! Was great to meet you! Of course I had to see the Niagara Falls too, it's just a short trip from Toronto. The day was beautiful and sunny. Maybe a bit too hot, I even got sunburned! The falls were much less impressive than I expected, though.
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Gary Fong Arrived In Switzerland

Personal, Photography
Finally Gary Fong arrived in Switzerland - or at least his famous flash diffusors. I just don't know why in this Swiss camera store they sell the quite a bit aged Lightspere and not his newest and more sophisticated model Whaletail. And what irritates me a bit is that in the comparison photo in the window the girl smiles more if the picture is taken without Gary Fong's flash diffusor... Actually it was this "little piece of plastic" (patent pending) that brought me into wedding photography. Some years ago I wanted to improve my flash photography and surfed the web for some research. Quite fast Gary Fong's name popped up and I started to read his blog. It turned out that he was in the wedding photography business for a…
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