Slave To The Rhythm

If you do post production and work the whole day at the computer , it’s easy to be disturbed every some minutes. Of course your computer is online and the emails keep coming in. You just want to have a quick look and…

So I tried a new email policy. I check emails only 3 times a day (10 am, 2 pm, 4 pm). That will do nicely. If it’s urgent, use the oldfashioned phone instead. It’s anyway better to connect with people by voice. Try to use your phone instead of email and you will see how better your communication will be and how your business is going to improve!

Try it. Don’t be a slave to the rhythm!

And yes, I ordered an iPhone :) So my iPod Touch 16GB is on sale now. It’s a great device, perfect as a PDA. You have always your calendar, contacts, email and internet with you. Its display is so big and brilliant, that it’s fun to show prospective clients your portfolio on the iPod Touch. You will never regret this investment! Send me an email if you are interested in my iPod Touch 16GB.

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