Share Your Power – Reloaded

Daniel Zihlmann Photography - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Schweiz

Wedding season is mostly over here in Switzerland and we wedding photographers settle down. We spend more time in the office editing weddings at the computer than being on the road and shooting. So it’s a good time to meet friends, eat, drink, chat and exchange unbelievable stories of these awesome weddings we shot during the last months :-)

This year I was traveling a lot, met incredible people and made great new friends. Now it’s time to reconnect, time for “Share Your Power – Reloaded”!

I think it’s important to meet people from time to time in person and let them connect with each other too. Best to be done while having dinner or a drink. If you are a fellow photographer and want to share some thoughts, ideas or the vision of our business in the future, join us! If you’re not a photographer but are interested in networking and making new friends you are very welcome too!

Please fire me an e-mail if you’re interested to join us and I will send you the details. I look forward to meeting you! See you on Thursday, November 6, 2008 in Berne.


Save the date! “Share Your Power – Xmas Edition” on Thursday, December 18, 2008 in Berne!

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