Nice To Meet You :)

Yesterday we started sharing :)

It was great to make new friends and meet other photographers. It’s kind of different if you talk with your no-photog friends and they always say: “Wow, that are great images you do!” And then you meet other professional photographers and they have a different point of view than you have. They know more about the subject so the discussions will be more profound. They do things in a different way and you notice how you can do it in another way too. It’s not about better or worse, just different. For one photographer Jessica Claire‘s Shootsac meets perfectly his shooting style. But the other photographer is shooting differently and for that has another perfect fit in camera bag. You just have to try it out and see what works best for you. That’s it.

Check the work of these awesome photographers:
Jeanine Linder,
Philippe Wiget,
Christoph Ris,

About something else. I recently started to use more flash in my photography. Not my big studio lights, but just my strobes (Canon 580EX II). If you are looking for a great flash bracket that holds two strobes and even an umbrella, go visit Brewer Bracket. Todd Brewer developed it himself. It’s well built, very sturdy. And Todd is a great guy, providing you an awesome customer service. Congratulations, Todd!

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