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Daniel Zihlmann Photography - Fotograf Hochzeit Baby Portrait, Schweiz

While I’m waiting for the iPhone to be released in Switzerland I still have to use my “old” SonyEricsson K800i. It’s a very nice phone though, has an awesome camera and a great display. But recently it broke down and I had to take it to the repair service. That’s always bad because in the meantime you have to use your “even older mobile phone” that you keep just for this kind of backup purpose.

Now imagine that you managed to survive this uncomfortable time with a mobile phone right out of stone age. And it’s the day you get your regular mobile phone back. They didn’t only change more parts than necessary and refurbished the whole phone. There’s even more.

The mobile phone was handed out to me in an “iPod Sock” saying “Home Sweet Home”.

You take it out of the sock and on the display is a sticker with a text like a SMS, saying: “It’s great to be back in your hands. I’ve missed you! If you need any more help at all, feel free to call 0848 82 40 40.”

Sweet! :) What a customer experience!

What do you do to make your clients happy? How do you handle complaints? What’s your outstanding service to give your customers a great experience and differentiate your business from the competition?

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