Backing up

Today I’m doing some backups of my image archive, back to year 2001. That means copying around hundreds of gigabytes of data, from one external harddisk to another. Then verifying the copied data that it didn’t get corrupted during the transfer and so on. That takes hours…

Recently I bought some BUFFALO DriveStation 500GB external harddisks for my image archive and I think I like them way more than my consumer Lacie ones. The Porsche design looks nice at the Lacies, but they get really hot because they don’t have a fan built in and they also don’t really have vent slots.

The Buffalo drive on the contrary has a fanless design and shouldn’t get that hot than my Lacies. They have a built in Samsung harddrive that is one of the best harddisks available, from the point of view of speed, heat and reliability. I was told. Will see…

If you are interested in knowing more about backup strategies, recommended software etc. read this post.

Don’t forget to backup your data regularly!

And have a look at Leopard. Apple will release it today! In 2 hours, 31 minutes and 16 seconds exactly. Watch the countdown on the Apple website :)

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