End of the Year Recommendation: Follow Keith Ferrazzi

It’s getting close to the end of the year and everybody is thinking about New Year’s resolutions and what to change next year. Let me recommend you something. If you are looking for something to have a real impact on your personal or business life, read the books of Keith Ferrazzi and his blog. You might already know “Never Eat Alone” so go ahead and give his new book “Who’s Got Your Back?” a go. Let Keith explain what it’s all about:

And if you are still thinking about if all this social media stuff like Facebook and Twitter is worth it, read this amazing story of Keith how Twitter let him connect with people he didn’t know in Guatemala and how they became friends.

So, my recommendation for 2010: Get you a Twitter account and follow Keith Ferrazzi @keithferrazzi

Have a great 2010!

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